Security for Train Station Attendant

I forgot to write this one earlier, been busy with work but it’s been on my mind.

I got on a later train a few weeks ago and had to wait for my ride at the North Chicago station (as noted in a previous post, I get on and off at this station frequently because it’s closer to my home than the one in my town).

I have to say before I continue, thanks to Metra or whoever it was that brought the North Chicago station back into usable status, we were stuck with nothing to shelter us from the coming cold and lots of elderly people use this station.

Anyway, back to why I am writing this…  While you added security cameras all over the place I have to call you out on placing the silent alarm or whatever alarm that is on the frame of the exterior door. All the way across the floor from the attendant.

If someone were to come into this place to cause harm, the attendant would have no way to actually get to the alarm to set it off and alert the police or whomever that alarm is sent to.

Which bring me to this..  That day that I ended up waiting there, this guy walks in the building in an Eskimo like suit that was way too much for the weather that evening ask all weird questions like “Is there any job opening?” when the attendant asked for what he replied “Fort this post.” knowing that the lady was the attendant.

He then proceeded asking about the train schedule, when the attendant asked him where he was going; he said he did not decide yet. Hmm.. I was sitting around the cube wall they installed as a divider so he did not see me, I think.  So I decided to lean forward and asked him where he was heading. He got all nervous looking and started to say he wasn’t sure but that he was heading south.

I stood up and started talking between them, after about 5 minutes of this run around he decided to walk out but went to stand behind a sign at the intersection close to the back Abbot entrance. Hmm..

When my ride got there, we drove to the intersection and turned so that we were facing him with the headlights shining the entire intersection and just waited.. He was lucky enough that there was a bus coming which he got on or he would have been sitting there waiting on the cops who I was getting ready to dial when the bus pulled up and he jumped it.

So Metra, if you ever get to read this, please make sure you provide better security for the train attendant at the North Chicago Station, especially later in the evening. This is a very secluded area.

Here is a map of the area showing just how secluded. I’ll try to get some actual pictures of the building and post it up.

North Chicago Security Fail

North Chicago Security Fail

North Chicago Train Station Location

North Chicago Train Station Location


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