Insane in the Membrane

So I get on the train and straight away I realize I’m on it … the Crazy Train

The guy sitting on the seat on across one back from me is talking to himself in a low voice. His eyes are closed so I think .. maybe he’s sleeping or maybe he’s praying, right? Who am I to judge…

A bout a minute or two goes by and it starts… his talking gets louder and that’s when it hits me…

He’s talking to himself…  NO! Not the kind I do where I get so involved in what I’m doing that my thoughts become words.. The kind where he’s actually talking to himself … full conversation back and forth, the kind you’d see at the loony bins in the movies.

I feel sorry for this lady that sits beside him as there are no other available seats since everyone that came in first chose the other seats.

Here’s to a crazy end to humpday..




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