Insane in the Membrane

So I get on the train and straight away I realize I’m on it … the Crazy Train

The guy sitting on the seat on across one back from me is talking to himself in a low voice. His eyes are closed so I think .. maybe he’s sleeping or maybe he’s praying, right? Who am I to judge…

A bout a minute or two goes by and it starts… his talking gets louder and that’s when it hits me…

He’s talking to himself…  NO! Not the kind I do where I get so involved in what I’m doing that my thoughts become words.. The kind where he’s actually talking to himself … full conversation back and forth, the kind you’d see at the loony bins in the movies.

I feel sorry for this lady that sits beside him as there are no other available seats since everyone that came in first chose the other seats.

Here’s to a crazy end to humpday..




We don’t need to hear

On the train today.. Not sure who it is but someone is watching porn with their headphones on and apparently it’s not plugged in because everyone on the train can hear…



Ballsy Riders

So today a couple get on the train at the station with no tickets.  It is clearly noted that if you do not buy a ticket at the station, bought a multi ride pass or have the mobile client you will be charge an additional $3.00 …. There is also an announcement before the train moves off of the additional charge just to make sure they cover their asses.

The couple get on the train with no tickets nor the mobile app and when the conductor comes by they start to argue with him about the fee and start to get a bit belligerent with the poor guy. All us other riders turn all eyes at them in disgust and some of us take stand with the conductor saying that they not only announced it on the intercom but it is a long-standing known fact and it’s posted in the station.

They end up getting off at the first stop grumbling to themselves.