Assholes on the Train

Two grown ass men get in the train and decide they want to squeeze into the seat I sit in at the end of the car; they face each other and despite being two seats only have enough room for three people. There was already two of us in the space and both of us are well, bit on the plump side. 🙂

The first guy gets in and tries to shove my feet out of the way to make himself comfortable, I guess he never met a direct person like myself so when I replied with:

Seriously, you have no manners? You just shove people around to get your way? I don’t even want to think how you treat your family at home.

He was shocked and just sat down with his feet where they were and shut the hell up.

The second guy gets in and starts to bitch about the other person that was already in the seat reading his news paper.. His whiny words were:

The iPads take up less space than newspapers.

To which the guy just looked at him and me being me, replied…

People choose what they want to read and if you don’t like it, feel free to move to a less cluttered seat or stand.

Both just sat down thankful they had seats and shut the hell up. Damn strait, know your role.

This is what the leg room space looks like with just me sitting…

Leg Room

Leg Room


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