Oven Roasted Turkey Ride

Welcome to the blog. This is where I will post my musings as I commute to and from work…  Have a train ride story to share? It can be something funny, crazy, complaint, compliment, any train you ride anywhere in the world; share it here.

Turkey Baking

Turkey Baking

Ironic that my first blog post will be a complaint after all my other stories on Facebook have been crazy or humor based. This one will be a bit lengthy others will be mostly a short post.

So I board the Metra from Chicago Ogilvie Transportation Center today and it was like I walked into an oven waiting to roast some turkeys. I wondered if it was Thanksgiving already and if we were food of some sort.

It looks like Metra is upgrading their train cars but the fares are still the same so my thinking is this…  No AC in the new cars until they get more money; seeing that whenever something new is rolled out there is an additional cost added to the fare. Not that for the last couple fare hike we’ve gotten anything in return; not sure about the other years but the hike from 2010 to 2016 I personally did not see any improvements to the service at all… Same cars, same schedules, same service overall.. I guess the Execs and Investors need those new houses or toys really bad.

You can see the price changes here.

Anyway, back on track..  So I get into the car with the new seats and think

man this will be nice to sit in spanking new seats with just a few farts maybe.

Today was a warm day and inside the car was warmer but I thought,

meh, all these riders just got off long walks; this is probably just body heat that need to wear off…

No.. This was no body heat that needed to wear off.. This was just plain heat.. Where was it from you ask?  Well… Brand new car so you don’t expect it but…  BUSTED AC..  That’s right folks…  No damn AC in the brand new car…

Because the cars are so packed up at the time I ride it was difficult to move to a new car until the turkey count dwindled in our car and the people count dropped in the other cars. I finally made it to the next car, one of the older ones mind you … and this one has fully functional AC.

Here are pics of what to expect when you get inside the new cars….

Metra Seats

New Metra Seats

Metra Before And After

Metra Before And After courtesy of patch.com


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