Assholes on the Train

Two grown ass men get in the train and decide they want to squeeze into the seat I sit in at the end of the car; they face each other and despite being two seats only have enough room for three people. There was already two of us in the space and both of us are well, bit on the plump side. 🙂

The first guy gets in and tries to shove my feet out of the way to make himself comfortable, I guess he never met a direct person like myself so when I replied with: Continue reading


Oven Roasted Turkey Ride

Welcome to the blog. This is where I will post my musings as I commute to and from work…  Have a train ride story to share? It can be something funny, crazy, complaint, compliment, any train you ride anywhere in the world; share it here.

Turkey Baking

Turkey Baking

Ironic that my first blog post will be a complaint after all my other stories on Facebook have been crazy or humor based. This one will be a bit lengthy others will be mostly a short post.

So I board the Metra from Chicago Ogilvie Transportation Center today and it was like I walked into an oven waiting to roast some turkeys. I wondered if it was Thanksgiving already and if we were food of some sort. Continue reading